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The purpose of therapy is to reduce emotional suffering and this often changes behavior.  Therapy is a collaboration between client and therapist which creates the foundation for change.

Every reason is the "right" reason for seeking help.

Sarah Zahnstecher, LCAT

NYS Licensed Creative Arts Therapist

What is Art Therapy?


Words are wonderful and we use them all the time.

Sometimes they're not enough to express feelings or thoughts.  Art can be a different way to solve problems, if you choose it, and it works whether you are familiar with art materials or not.


There are many ways to "put the pieces together," when parts of your life are difficult.

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Sarah Zahnstecher graduated from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, with two Masters Degrees, one in Creative Arts Therapies (1980) and one in Fine Arts (1974).  She has over twenty five years experience in agencies, hospitals and private practice.


She has worked with groups and individuals as well as with adults and children. This includes people sufferring from trauma, depression, addiction, anxiety, women's issues, couple counselling, family problems, bereavement, cancer, isolation, identity issues and stress.


Contact Information


Sarah Zahnstecher, LCAT


Cell: 718-938-9751


Office:  583 5th Street (basement apartment

              between 8th Ave. and Prospect Park West)

              Brooklyn, NY  11215

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